HYD Health is a company dedicated to transforming mental health care and  treatment for children, adolescents, teens and their families. Through communication tools, information access and education we will help families manage their challenges with mental health wellbeing. Information is stored as Cloud storage and downloaded for immediate integration/viewing or printing. Rest assured, the information is secure and private (HIPAA Compliant) for medical record privacy and security. We will not share or distribute any data. This early APP is developmental and all information is for our internal developmental and validation studies only. Parents can download and print a record of their surveys for their  next doctor’s appointment.


We have built a communication, monitoring and tracking platform for keeping track of symptoms, behavior interventions and medication treatment outcomes in children and adolescents with ADHD and other mental illnesses.

Parents, teachers and doctors will now be able to identify the various environmental and social factors that affect the clinical outcome for children with ADHD and other mental illness. Better monitoring means improved diagnostics and treatment strategies.


Phase 1:  ADHD

There are over 6.4 million children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the United States alone. The numbers are increasing each year. Diagnosis and management is challenging as each patient has very individual presentations. When behavioral or medication changes are made, this easy to use survey tool will allow journal and graphs to be able to see in terms or day, weeks or months if the strategy is successful or needs adjustments.


ADHD impairments include: academic, behavioral and social issues both school and home.

This platform provides solutions for communication issues using a simple, organized mobile device platform.

Long-term data analysis will lead to more accurate diagnostics and better targeted treatment planning. We know this technology will improve diagnosis and treatment plans helping patients and their families.

Phase 2: Anxiety, Depression, Suicide

We are currently developing tools to identify, manage, improve and provide education for pediatric and adolescent mental health care challenges.


Phase 3: 

Autism and other pediatric and adolescent  health care concerns

  1. Parent

  2. Student

  3. Teacher

  4. Doctor

We use a simple interface to ask and answer a customizable, simple and appropriate survey for all users. Daily and weekly surveys will enable a journal of behavior over time allowing the parent, teacher, caregiver or Doctor to graph history. This information is invaluable in evaluating the success of a treatment plan or identifying the need for adjustment.

Created by Kate Aaknes © 2018 HYD Health 

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