How To Use Our App

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you can do in the app, that will help you manage the challenges of living with ADHD in your family:


Signing In

Sign in or sign up at using your email address and a strong password.   This is a web-based app that can be loaded on your phone or computer through this link.  If the app does not automatically load, copy and paste the address above into your browser


Complete the Registration Process

Once you sign in to the app (, you’ll land on the Registration page.  Like most apps, you are required to verify your email address before you can proceed. 



You can choose up to five questions for the daily survey.  They do not need to fit perfectly, but just has to work for you and your child.  You can set an automatic reminder email so that each day you will receive a ping to enter into the journal your survey for that day.  You can change your selected questions once per week.

Managing Your Weekly Questionnaires

From the Parent List page (the icon looks like a list), you can create new weekly questionnaires for yourself. When you want to add a question to your questionnaire, click on the "checkbox". You can add up to five (5) questions to each weekly questionnaire. You can also report any significant changes for the week, and they will be logged. The questionnaires will begin on the following Monday and each day until the proceeding Sunday you will receive these same five questions in the Inbox.


Creating Monthly Surveys for Teachers

If you are using the Teacher Survey Feature, (the icon looks like a square academic cap), you can create monthly a survey for your child’s teacher. Similarly, to creating questionnaires for yourself, you can add up to five (5) questions to each monthly survey. You are required to add a few details about the recipient; name, school and email address. The surveys will begin on the following Monday and each proceeding week day for four (4) weeks the teacher will receive your selected questions via email.  Teacher questions can only be changed once per month.


Accessing Your Progress

The Goals of the App is to help you track behavioral health.  The analytics chart will allow you to recognize the benefit or shortcomings of a medication change or behavioral modification over time. The Analytics page (the icon looks like line graph) is where you will find the history of your personal questionnaires, as well as, a breakdown of your responses by question.  You will also be able to see any events that happened that day that could have affected the response.


Getting Customer Support

If at any time you need help navigating the app or have any questions, please contact us at

Created by Kate Aaknes © 2018 HYD Health 

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