The beauty of this solution is that it is a simple aid to parents and teachers who are wanting to have academically and socially successful children in their classrooms. It is an aid to parents who are hearing poor reports about their child or student and who are trying different strategies to make things better. Finally, it helps therapists and providers by giving the most reliable sort of feedback possible – trends over time rather than isolated events.  But the person who gets the most out of all of this is the child or student! 

A quick survey, customized for each child, is briefly noted by parents and teachers, on a daily basis. It’s so much easier to reflect on what happened today rather than thinking about what happened yesterday or a few days ago.

One of the most common things that parents complain about when starting to use medication as part of ADHD therapy is that it takes so long to find the right dose of the best medicine. The medication to treat ADHD is used in doses that are unique to the individual patient. All new patients should start at the lowest dose available and increase slowly. This is when it is important that problematic behaviors are watched, followed and tracked accordingly.

Teacher feedback is critical in knowing how a child is doing because such a large part of the day is spent in the classroom. A teacher who is willing to quickly and easily report back on any key behaviors will accelerate the journey to success. For the teacher it might solve some of the classroom disruptions or improve the grades in the class. It will also help with report writing at the end of the semester and give ongoing feedback for strategies the teacher might try as a way to improve or change behavior. This platform is remarkably helpful for individual education planning as well.

Created by Kate Aaknes © 2018 HYD Health 

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